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The main activity of the Portugal Latin America Association is the promotion of commercial relations between Portuguese and Latin American companies.

Our main objective is to help companies in their internationalization processes for / or in the Latin American market, through the various services available.

As an entity that seeks to help Portuguese companies to expand in the Latin American market, AEPAL is the mirror of solid relationships maintained between Portugal and Latin America.

We take pride in being responsible for the implementation of partnerships and business between our associated companies that, by participating in our activities and events, have access to a remarkable business range.

The bilateral nature that characterizes this Association, as well as the spirit of strong collaboration that, since its establishment, maintains with public and private institutions of both countries and the permanent contact with the economic reality, place AEPAL as the fundamental axis of trade and economic relations between Portugal and Latin America.

In this context, it is relevant the permanent dialogue that our Association maintains with the public organizations and private companies of the 21 countries that constitute Latin America.